What can you do with gubb?

  • Make your lists
  • Take care of your lists
  • Get more done!

With gubb, List Makers:

  • Sleep well knowing their lists will still be there in the morning
  • Have their lists by their side wherever they are (via phone, email, computer)
  • Color their lists, add stars for priorities, add details, keep notes within lists
  • Share and collaborate with others, when appropriate

With gubb, GTD'ers (Getting Things Done):

  • Create as many lists as they want
  • Access their lists with any browser, their phone, their email
  • Easily move items between lists
  • Quickly record information and then later file/edit information with ease

With gubb, Collaborators:

  • Share a list with one click
  • When they share, their guests have access to the list just like they do
  • Assign items to others, comment on items, work together
  • Easily notify others via email and/or text when they should check the list

With gubb, Mobile Workers:

  • Use gubb from any computer with a browser, no download or install required
  • Access lists via mobile web (on their phone)
  • Add to and retrieve lists via text messaging
  • Travel knowing that their lists will be there for them (not stuck on their work computer)

With gubb, Trip Planners:

  • Share preparation lists with their whole family or set of friends
  • Keep track of places they want to visit
  • Print lists easily, take them on vacation
  • Keep archives of packing lists and refer back to them for years

With gubb, Music/Movie Lovers:

  • Get the name of that song down while they still remember it (sending a text message to their gubb list)
  • Share the "Top 10 Movies Ever" with friends and see what happens
  • Have the list with them when they show up at the store (finally)
  • Collaborate on the playlist for the next party

With gubb, Shoppers:

  • Actually have the list with them at the store via mobile phone (not forget it on the counter)
  • Keep the list of gifts for friends when special times roll around
  • Share the family "Low Price Warehouse" list (everybody adds, nobody forgets)
  • Make sure "he" doesn't forget to pick up XYZ at the grocery store on the way home

With gubb, Moms:

  • List, list, list — gubb helps keep lists safe and accessible
  • Collaborate with other moms (basketball, weekend trips, school functions)
  • Text message new items to their lists, see lists at home and work, send a list via text message to someone else's phone
  • Manage the weight of the world with a little more peace of mind

With gubb, Teachers:

  • Create project, lesson and homework plans
  • Duplicate a lesson plan many times and share a copy with each student
  • Keep student lists, notes on students — even jointly with other teachers
  • Access lists from home and work equally well, with a simple web browser (no software installs necessary)

With gubb, Brides:

  • Share lists with bridesmaids, mothers, mother-in-laws and others (nobody is left out!)
  • Brainstorm ceremony and reception ideas, keep track of notes
  • Keep everyone involved, keep everyone busy, feel centered about the whole build-up
  • Make, update and actually have that important one: 'Things to Remember the Day Of...'
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