Ways people are using gubb...

Managing projects

Whether it's business, a middle school bake sale, or a personal interest project, gubb makes it quick and easy to organize materials, tasks and due dates. Share your list with other people working on the project, and assign tasks and due dates.

Collecting thoughts

Ever feel like your head's going to explode with all the things you have to remember? Let gubb keep track of them--no papers to lose!

Keeping shopping lists

Create and edit shopping lists on your computer, then have gubb text them to your phone. Portable and organized. If you forget to put the list on your phone before you leave the house, no problem--just text gubb and gubb will reply with your list.

Staying on top of your todos

Sort a list by separating the items you've already completed, stick a due date on an item, rank the items in order of importance, and even get the satisfaction of crossing things off of your list!

Planning an event

Weddings, birthdays, seasonal parties...let gubb keep track of all the lists that go into event planning. You can work together with others in "real time" by sharing gubb lists, assigning tasks, having gubb keep track of deadlines using due dates and more!

Keeping track of college applications

Applying to college requires lots of organization these days. Create a list for each college to which you are applying. Use that list to keep track of application deadlines, essay questions and the notes you want to remember about the applications. Even use gubb to help plan trips to the campuses you want to visit. With gubb, you can share your lists with your parents, college counselor, friends, people who are writing your recommendations and more!

Staying in shape / organizing your exercise or diet plan

List your goals and check them off as you complete them, or use gubb as an exercise or meal idea keeper. Send your lists to your phone and take them with you to the gym or the grocery store.

Planning your next vacation

Keep track of places you want to go, airline reservations, logistics and more using gubb lists. Share your itinerary with your travel companions and archive lists after completing your trip to remember how you planned it.

Remodeling your house

Create and share lists with your spouse, contractor and other involved with remodeling your house. gubb also helps you keep track of things you want to get down before, during and after your remodel.

Keeping track of books you want to read or movies you want to see

Let gubb take care of all the lists that used to get jotted down on receipts, napkins, and the backs of other documents.

Writing down and keeping track of your goals or New Year's Resolutions

gubb is a natural place to keep track of your personal goals, New Year's Resolutions and more. Keep an ongoing list of specific things you want to accomplish and prioritize these goals within gubb, so that you can help yourself stay focused.